Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Skinny & Scared

Greetings! It's been almost one week since my last blog entry. Do you see that picture - that represents how i feel!!! Why? Well, quite frankly I've been a little sick of all this weight loss stuff. Plus, I'm not losing weight as quickly as I would like (quick update - only four pounds lighter). On top of that I am very sick of working out! I just wanna cry! I feel like a fat crying baby! During the four days (geez-fine, six days) I've been away I've been daydreaming about what it must be like to be skinny! WOW! It must be nice to try on a dress and not have to envision what you'd look like once you put on Spanx! Or how about being able to squeeze through a small space without your hips knocking over something. Ahhhhhh - what it must be like not to have people accidentally hit your boobs as they walk by! I soooooooooooo want to be skinny right this second!! Skinnyness come to me now!!!!! Ok - enough of that - moving right along.

Confession: I haven't been on the scale in a week. I'm very afraid that I've lost nothing. I'm trying to convince myself tonight so that maybe in the morning - I'll be brave! I don't understand why this takes so long and I'm a little frustrated. I'm working out and I'm eating healthy. I'm also unsure of which diet approach to take (WW, count calories, portion control, just eating healthy, following the $300 plan I payed for from a nutritionist in August). I don't know! I feel like I need help (for free). Are there any takers??

P.S - If you're reading this - I'm downstairs in the basement working out and crying. I've decided to force myself to work out while crying about my weight loss journey - I hope I can see the Hip Hop Abs man through my tears!


  1. Just keep at it!!!

    Did you take your measurements? Maybe you've lost inches. You might be gaining muscle from working out so much.

    I really admire how hard you've been working though. I know you'll get there!

  2. isa is right, you should monitor you inches too. i just rejoined ww and its harder than before... i let my weight get too far ahead of me (sigh)

  3. Trainer and Nutritionist...

    This package cannot fail