Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgreedy Day!

I am so fatfull right now! I can't eat another thing! The problem with going from house to house is that everyone expects you to eat/taste all ten dishes they made including dessert. Oh and just in case you were wondering (in the African American culture) a "No- thank you" is a blatant sign of disrespect to the chef and their family - you would NEVER be invited to that house again. As you can see above I was starving around 1:00 and decided to sneak two peanut butter Oreo cookies. I would love to give you a summary of what I ate on thanksgreedy day. My eating is as follows:

House #1 @ 3:55
Pre dinner - (you know that part of the meal when you've been waiting and you can smell the food but it's not ready! You keep thinking to yourself "if I could just get a biscuit, a cracker or two, something to hold me over for the next hour!")

Chedder Cheese Crackers
2 glasses of water
3 Jolly ranchers
2 oreo cookies

Turkey Wing
Mashed Potatoes
Baked Beans
Macaroni n Cheese (small taste)
String Bean Casserole

Yummmmy. . .It was great! In my defense I did practice portion control and I ate until I was satisfied but not stuffed. I have no excuse for the Pre - Dinner meal other than I was starving. The real issue comes in at House #2. I went home to let Agape out and my friend (thanks) invited me over to her bootleg adopted family's house ( the family wasn't bootleg I'm just saying that my friend isn't really adopted and the fact that she refers to them as her adopted family is what is actually bootleg about the situation - excuse the fragment/run-on and you know I love you so calm down). Anyway, the family was lovely and I truly enjoyed myself. However, the chefs (the mom and pop) of the house were very adamant about me eating. Now, remember, I just ate less than two hours ago. I kept telling them that I would eat soon. . .in half an hour or so. I honestly thought that they would forget but NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Let me tell you, they reminded me every half hour!!! The food was great but here is what I forced myself to eat at House #2 in the order listed:

House # 2 @ 7:00

Dessert (featured above)
Lemon pound cake with strawberries that I stole from the strawberry short cake

Candied yams
Macaroni n Cheese

I feel like a beach whale right now - I think I'm going to starve myself for the next three weeks. I'm going to leave you with this short poem.

Giving thanks is calorie free
but eating all you want
Is you being greedy
Thank your fam - tell them you care
Then wave goodbye and get out of there!

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  1. hilarious lol..simply hilarious...u loved every moment and would do it all over let get goin with the we fit:) lets do ti