Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Want Salt!

Have you ever had one of those day where all you want to do is eat something salty? Today was that day for me. I've been eating a ton of vegetables, fruits, raw almonds, yogurt, and other stuff that only whole foods sells. I really wanted something different. For the most part, today was a good day - I ate nothing out of the realm of health but I just couldn't satisfy my taste buds today. One of my co-workers (an excellent mathematician) had some gold fish pretzels. I know I was supposed to give those up but when I looked at the nutrition facts I realized that the sodium is only 18% and you can eat 3 handfuls (43 goldfish) for only 130 calories and/or 3 Weight Watchers points! So, I did what most people trying to lose weight would do - I ate the pretzels! To add insult to injury when my team met (the ones who were sooo supportive in the beginning) they were eating Keebler Shortbread cookies dipped in milk chocolate! I, however, managed to RESIST temptation by eating baby carrots instead of joining the cookie frenzy (the proof is in the pic above - those snacks are the real thing. I took that pic in the middle of the meeting just to show you). As I drove home I began to think about the consequences of my goldfish pretzels. I decided that there was only one major consequence - THE RETENTION OF WATER!!!!! If my body holds on to the salt, the scale will show that I have lost nothing! That is an achingly painful consequence! You would think that I learned my lesson BUT NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Later on in the evening I still had a craving for salt! I ate a small handful of sunflower seeds (ok - two small handfuls of sunflower seeds)! What in the world!!!!! I must have been mad (excuse my expression - I've spent the last three days with teachers from England)! I immediately went downstairs to sweat it out - I spent an hour working out. I produced so much sweat that I could have quenched the thirst of a small toddler in the Mojave desert! So there you have it. Today was not my best day but still wasn't my worst. I'm just hoping and praying that when Saturday comes I'll have a good report for you all. Please, send me your well wishes. I need them.

P.S. - My team is still great and supportive even though they tried to play me with the cookies!!!

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