Friday, October 23, 2009

Pretzels & Vibrating Muscles?????

A picture is worth a thousand words - you just keep on reading! Today was another beautiful day! I applaud myself! I ate well (may have had an issue with the pretzels but that really depends on what your view of serving size is) and all of my meals were balanced. I even snacked on (other than the pretzels) carrots, strawberries, and 1/4 avocado (it's a healthy fat so calm down). I drank two things of water and an XL glass of tea! I love being healthy! I, in no way shape or form miss gummy bears, jelly beans, hot fries, empanadas, pizza, turkey burgers, french fries, buffalo wings, nachos, quesadilla, egg rolls, peanut butter cookies, snack wraps, Cheeze Its, mashed potatoes with gravy, candied yams, chicken fetechini, Rita's Ice, Chipotle, Carolina's Kitchen or any other mouth watering food/snack that taste wonderful, satisfies your tummy, soothes your taste buds but clogs all your arteries. I'm clearly living the good life with my carrots and strawberry snacks (DUH)! Oh! How can I forget. After I perfected my healthy rabbit eating skills my co worker, JD, and I went on what I thought would be a mile jog/run. Before we started running, I told her "Hey. I know you do this often but I haven't been running in two years - go easy on me." She replied "I'm slow - I don't know why people think I run quickly (smile)." I should have known then that something wasn't on the up and up! We began "speed walking" which she called a "warm- up." I casually tried to get her to slow down by explaining that my legs are a lot shorter than hers - it was a no go. We speed walked for about three minutes before she (unannounced I might add) began "jogging" (even though I felt like I was sprinting). After about three minutes of what she called "light jogging" every muscle in my body was either vibrating and/or numb. After a few heavy pants and me asking "Hey! When are we gonna stop running" like cheetahs we came to an abrupt halt. I believe it was at that exact moment that I realized that running actually felt better than stopping! My muscles seemed to be confused about what was going on. It was as though I made them work overtime and failed to pay them - they were upset! Shortly after that JD introduced me to the walk/run method (you jog for a minute or two and then walk for a minute or two) which worked much, much better for me. Now, I must say that the walk run was quite effective and I probably could've pushed myself harder but thank GOD I didn't - let me tell you why. After the whole "jogging" thing we stopped at what looked to me like an outdoor gym. We did a few lunges, leg swings, and sit ups! Who still does sit ups? Now the "light jog/run/walk" has turned into a total body fitness class! I didn't think I was going to make it until I heard those lovely words - "Alright, we're heading back." I'm thinking great! BUT that was before I knew we had to walk up heart attack hill and an additional mile and a half to get back to my car! She got me! The whole trail/course or whatever was almost FOUR miles!!!!!!! I'd been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray! I didn't even tell you about how she was "keeping time" while we were running! Those were the longest minutes (umhmmmmm JD - I know what you did!) of my life! I'm sitting here typing and even though I'm totally still my whole body is throbbing - is that even possible? In spite of the pain and aches I must say that I did have a great time (even though I was complaining) and I feel as though I burned off all those pretzels I ate (thanks JD). I'm going to go soak my muscles - Night!

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  1. LOL! Ok, so Im reading all of your old posts and this is hilarious! You have just described the way everyone feels when they first start their workout...keep pressing in!