Monday, October 26, 2009

Packin' and Stackin' with my CFM

Ok. I'm thinking that I need a visual goal during my weight loss process. When people (who are self-disciplined) really want something they develop a plan of action which will explain and/or show the end result. I know that I still have 22 pounds left ( my goal) but I feel like I need a visual aide to assist me. I need a celebrity fit model! I'm thinking this will be a person (a celebrity) who is around the same height as me with the same body type. For example, Tyra Banks can't be my Celebrity Fit Model (CFM) because she's about ten inches taller than me and lacks my well endowed boobies. I need a celebrity who has t & a (if you know what that is great - if not see me personally for a detailed explanation). You see, I'm packin' and stackin' which means I'm blessed in multiple areas. I have a very curvy shape - especially 22 pounds lighter. Now, I feel like there aren't many celebs with natural curves. The first few people that come to mind are Kim Kardashian, Tocarra, J-Lo, Marlin Munroe, Betty Boop, and Jessica Rabbit. I'm having a little bit of trouble picking my CFM so do you all have any suggestions? Remember: the key words are SHORT and CURVY!! Oh and just in case you were wondering, I worked out today for an hour and I ate healthy meals!!! This is getting easier and easier!


  1. YAAAY! You are doing great!! Finding a CFM is defintely challenging because everyone's body's are so different...I was thinking about Kimberley Locke for you. She used to be on American Idol & then on Celebrity Fit Club...

  2. What about Christina Hendricks from Mad Men? If you ignore her skin color and red hair of course.